About Us

At Massimo's Fine Meats, our goal is to serve our customers top quality fresh meat, cheese and deli items. Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to serving you. The focus of our
store is meat, but we have a wide assortment of domestic and international cheeses, oils and pastas. We also offer fresh breads, coffees, dried herbs and spices. We are open Tuesday to Sunday to serve you better.

Tradition of Excellence Our reputation is built on our commitment to quality and value.
Our success is built on customer satisfaction.
This is our tradition. This is our promise.

Our History

Since the 1960's, the Taddeo and Corrente families have been in the meat business in Toronto. As in any successful and long established family business, there comes a time when one generation serves as the turning point. The generation that takes the best of its legacy and continues the tradition to suit the needs of today.

In 1964, the Taddeo family moved from Italy to settle in Toronto. Alfredo Taddeo brought with him experience and passion for business - having owned a butcher shop in Italy for many years. His two sons, Elio and Ciro, followed in their father's footsteps and together they opened a meat shop on Dundas Street in Little Italy. Later, Elio and Ciro would continue the business after their father passed on. In the late 1970's, Robert, the youngest brother, joined his family in serving their community with fine quality meats

Today, under the leadership of Robert Taddeo and Ralph Corrente (Robert's brother-in-law – who worked at a butcher shop in New York in the 1970's), the family tradition continues at Massimo's Fine Meats. Their sons, Elio Taddeo and John Corrente, have joined them to continue the legacy. The 4th generation.


The Overall Result . . . A Butcher Shop with so much more.
Experience, Quality, Service.
The Tradition of Excellence continues.

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